Behind the Scenes:
Joshua Tree Photoshoot

To launch the Harley-Davidson Footwear Spring/Summer 2019 line, we traveled to Joshua Tree, California to photograph the new line in the iconic desert. We asked our photographer, Errol Colandro, of EL3 Productions to give us a behind the scenes look of that photoshoot experience.

Who is EL3?

EL3 is actually my initials. Errol L. Colandro “C” is the third letter in the alphabet and it's my lucky number. Not to mention it looks a lot better than ELC!

I grew up in theater. I was on stage from the age of 12 to 21. My mother who always pushed me to follow through with being creative, she bought me my first video camera when I was 16. That thing was attached to my hip until it died.

I didn’t actually pick up photography until I was about 21-22, but then I fell in love. Being able to tell a story with one single image, to inspire people with that image. That is what I love, that is just everything to me.

Why do you ride?

I ride a motorcycle because that is my freedom, my therapy! You’re having a bad day? Get on the bike! Sun is shining? Get on the bike! Every time I’m riding, everything seems to go away. Sometimes you feel that you can solve the world’s problems, and other times you don’t think one thing.

All About
The Shoot

How and why did you choose the site location?

I live out here in Joshua Tree and I always wanted to do a shoot out here. The roads are open, the land goes on for miles, not to mention it looks AMAZING behind a lens! Harleys, Joshua trees, open roads.

What was the weather like on the day of the shoot?

Well, the first day was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny, warm and perfect! The end of the second day.........wind! Lots of wind! 20-30mph gusts.

What time did the shoot start and how long did it last?

The shoot started about 9-10am and lasted until we had no light left to shoot!

The Inspiration

What was your overall inspiration for the shoot?

Open road! Desert scapes always inspire me! Ever since I was a kid I saw open roads and just that vast space of the desert and it has always made me think of motorcycles. You see a Harley, you think freedom, the desert offers that!